mixtape hella

  • CLIENT: YOLO Schlitz
  • YEAR: 2019
  • ROLE: Website

I spent most of my professional career at J. Walter Thompson as copywriter and creative director, developing and leading communication projects for major brands, such as Ford, Unilever, El Gráfico, Rolex, Miniphone and their memorable “human parabolic antenna”, Shell, Roche, Kimberly Clark, Halls, DirecTV, among others. I have worked in campaigns for Argentina, the European market for the accounts Cinzano-Europe and Lipton, for the Spanish speaking market in the US and Mexico, where I lived. I was creative director at Telmex, Panasonic, Yamaha, Salinas y Rocha, Riviera Maya and others. For a few years, I worked on animation production in my studio Tatanka Animation, for clients of several countries, writing and producing award-winning animation pieces, where I acquired audiovisual and art direction expertise. As a publicist, I leverage my expertise to generate strategies and communication pieces that stand out due to my creative profile, focused on establishing an emotional link between the employer brands and their employees, and on solving problems or addressing specific business needs with innovative ideas.

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